Kräuterspätzle/Spätzle with Herbs

Kräuterspätzle/Spätzle with Herbs

Toss prepared Spätzle with seasonal vegetables: asparagus, heirloom tomatoes, squash or broccoli.

The most popular version of Spätzle are Käsespätzle, or “Spätzle with Cheese”. Sauté onions and remove from pan. Add Spätzle into pan with a touch of butter to taste; sauté Spätzle. Blend in cheese according to your palette: Emmentaler is the European favorite; cheddar makes it a more American dish. Plate and serve topped with onions.

Cooking Instructions
First suggestion:
Place the (defrosted) Spätzle in boiling water for around 1 minute until they appear on the water surface.

Second suggestion:
Place butter or oil in a hot pan, and then add the Spätzle with 4-5 tablespoons of water. Turn the Spätzle while sautéing until they turn golden.

Wheat flour, water, egg, herbs (chive, parsley, chervil) salt, starch, spice extracts, citric acid.

Allergy Information: Contains Egg and Wheat.